Leadership Changes to your McLeod Executive Board

On Thursday May 22, the County Full Committee Board met to review candidates to be our next chair of McLeod County Republicans. After receiving nominations for 5 candidates, a unanimous endorsement was made to select Jim Nielsen to be our chair until our next county convention in February of 2015.

The vacancy for vice chair created by Jim's departure was also acted upon at this meeting. Kevin Masrud, precinct chair from Stewart, was elected to fill this vice chair position until our next county convention.

Your executive committee is now at full strength and ready to support all endorsed Republican candidates to end the oppressive one-party DFL control of Minnesota government!

Sen. Scott Newman Update - Redefining of Marriage


January 22, 2013

RE: Redefining Marriage 

Over the past two weeks, I have received numerous of emails from concerned constituents requesting that I do not support any bill to redefine marriage in Minnesota.  I believe they are in response to an email sent out by Minnesota for Marriage. Below is my position on the issue of Marriage in Minnesota:

·         I do not believe that the Marriage Amendment’s defeat was a mandate to legalize same sex marriage in Minnesota.

·         Under state law, Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Minnesota continues to recognize only a marriage between one man and one woman.

·         I have not supported nor will I support the repeal of DOMA or any bill that may be introduced to legalize marriage between same sex couples.

I believe that when an elected official knows their position on a particular issue, the public has a right to expect an honest and straight forward answer to inquiries regarding that position. With this message, I am trying to fulfill that expectation and respond to the emails I have been receiving.  





Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (HD18B) - Legislative Update

Dear Friends,

It was an honor and a privilege to take the oath of office on Tuesday and be sworn in for the second time to the Minnesota House of Representatives. One of my highest priorities this session is to be a voice for rural Minnesota. Agriculture is such an important part of our local economies, and we must make sure that rural Minnesota is adequately represented in Saint Paul.

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Senator Scott Newman (SD18) - Legislative Update


January 15, 2013

Beginning of the 2013 Session 

Today marks the start of the 2013 Legislative Session. I intend to send out a weekly update as I have the past two sessions. You can look for them to arrive early of each week. I encourage you to with any questions you may have. 

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Senator Scott Newman's update - 10-24-2011

Re: Luce Line Bonding Request

Dear Mayor Cook and Commissioner Nies;

At the meeting we recently had you requested that Rep. Shimanski and I author a bonding bill to pay for an asphalt surface to the Luce Line Trail through McLeod County to the Carver County line east of Winsted. At the time of the meeting I requested sufficient time to allow me to become current with the issues, do some legal research regarding trail funding and to read a recent study you made reference to titled “Economic Impact of Recreational Trail Use” which was prepared for the University of MN Tourism Center, the DNR and the MN Recreational Trail Users Assc. I wish to thank you for patiently waiting for my decision.

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