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I have been learning quite a bit already as your new chairperson! I attended the State “Central” Convention in Rochester on Thursday just before the State Convention. It was fun and interesting to be among so many enthusiastic people. I felt a little out of place as I was quite ignorant about our process, but it didn’t matter. People were so willing to explain and share information. Ya know, people just love to talk! It was fun.

I met an old friend I haven’t seen in over 30 years. I remember him as a good friend, but we were very different. I would never have guessed I would find him among the republican activists! I always imagined that the next time I would see him it would be as a leader of his own guerrilla, rebel army in the north woods of Minnesota! But nope! There he was as a responsible, conservative activist, fighting the good fight well within the law and in compliance with the regulations of our convention! Wow! People can really change. It reminds me a little of the old adage - If you’re not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart. But if you are not a conservative when you grow up, you have no brain.

As I have mentioned before, we are not all of one mind, we are not all equally religious, in fact not all are religious - and that’s OK! We all seem to lie somewhere, right of center, along that political spectrum between liberal and conservative, but we certainly are different. It was fascinating to see the differences in opinions and support for various candidates. Some were obviously supporting one candidate and many appeared undecided or just not letting on. Many were loud and excited. The process carried on quickly and professionally.

I watched the news reports from home the next two days and had contact with some that were there. The sausage making analogy kept coming to mind as, again, our differences were revealed. In the end, there were surprises, excitement, disappointment and anger. Yet the process carried on and I believe it is healthy. And I feel lucky, because in many parts of the world (and in some Democrat precincts in MPLS) the affair would likely have ended in gunfire! But not at our convention. I am fascinated by all of this, because though we are not all of one mind, we will come together in the end to promote one Republican candidate in each race because the Democrat alternative is just intolerable!

I am heartened by my fellow Republicans and it is refreshing to see them in such numbers. We are going to be fine! You are a good bunch. Thank you for bothering to fight that good fight!

On another note, I received a call from a guy named Andrew Schmitz. He is from the State Republicans and he is responsible for setting up one of ten state “Republican Victory Centers”. His is over in Waconia. He wanted to invite all of us McLeod County Republicans to the Grand Opening of the Center on June 16th. Sadly, this is the same night as our BPOU meeting in Hutch. I told Andrew that I would ask all members, including you precinct chairs, to see if maybe you might find the time to swing over to Waconia that night. There will be food and speakers. Please take a look at the invite I have attached.

Also, Andrew provided me with a wish list of supplies he needs for this new office. I have attached that list too (He is not kidding about the kitchen sink). Please see if you might have some of these items. You can lend them or donate them.

Thanks folks,

Jim Nielsen

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